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COSO Farms LaManchas

Photo Gallery

2015 COSO LaManchas Pic 2015 COSO LaManchas Pic 2015 Kids 198270991 Christian with Cecelia 198270992 Christian with Lambar 198270993 Kelsie with Cecelia 198270995 Kelsie with Chesney 198270996 Kelsie with Scarlet 198270997 198270998 Shiloh 198270999 Chris and Ceceliua 198271251 Daniel Considine judging Kids with first fresheners. 198442540 Kids with Ribbons at the AGPA Show in Little Rock 198442541 Kelsie with Jilo 198442542 198442543 Kelsie and Christian 198442544 Kids With First Fresheners 198442545 Dry yearlingings 198442546 Ribbons at AGPA Show 198442547 Mo-Kan Show Kids with Dry yarlings 198632804 Mo-Kan Show Kids with Sr. Kids 198632805 198632806 Mo-Kan Show Kelsie in Sr. Showmanship 198632807 Kelsie with Dharma FF Recorded Grade 198632809 Mo-Kan Show Kelsie with Jilo winning Sr. Showmanship 198632808 Kels with Jilo in three year old lineup 198632810 Rosettes and Kelsies Showmanship Trophy from M0-Kan 198632811 Rosettes and Daisy at SMDGA Show 199139852 Dharma and Sisco at SMDGA Show 199139853 Kelsie and Jemima SMDGA Show 199139854 Caprikieo JRA Jemima BJDIS HOTODGA Show 199139855 Christian and Daisy 199139857 Christian winning Jr. Showmanship HOTODGA show 199139858 Christian with trophy HOTODGA Show 199139859 Dharma Recorded Grade HOTODGA Show 199139860 COSO Farms OWAA Ditzy Dew GCH HOTODGA Show 199139861 Kelsie and Jemima 199139862 Kelsie and Jilo, HOTODGA Showmanship 199139863 Kelsie Winning Sr. Showmanship 199139864 Kids at HOTODGA Show 199139865 GCH LIneup 199139866 Dawson with Carpikeo OWAA Jilo RGCH 199139867 Senior Showmanship 199139868