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COSO Farms LaManchas


JEN-MAE-KA KIDS EZPZ - L001717221 (PB Doe SG)

DOB: 3/3/2015

2017 LA 89 2/02

Thank to Jen-Mae-Ka Kids for selling us this beautiful doe.

EZ is a very dairy well balanced doe. 

AMBERWOOD 70'S PIXIE ANNE - L001872255 (PB Doe)

DOB: 4/14/2016

Thanks to Emily Dixon and Joan Coolidge for this doe. Pixie has some of the best feet and legs we have had on the place. Her udder attachment is amazing, and she has that third,third,third, we like to see. 

Thanks Jill Pritchett for selling us this doe. She is very fancy doe, wide in the escutcheon and very deep for her age. 

Thanks Jill Pritchett for selling us this doe. She has very good feet and legs and a nice topline.  

J & R FARM ARIANA - L001904013 (PB Doe)

DOB: 5/19/2017

Thanks Jose Gonzalez for selling us this doe. She is a very correct long doe with a nice topline. Pictures will come later.